Australia has the best and cleanest thermal coal in the world and we should be using more of the world's best coal here.

Instead, the NSW Government is planning for four coal fired power stations to shut in the next 15 years. This is the wrong approach.

Closing coal fired power stations would cost Australian jobs, increase electricity prices and lead to worse environmental outcomes because coal would just be burnt overseas.

Australia's coal produces 30 per cent fewer carbon emissions than Indonesian coal and 70 per cent fewer emissions than Indian coal.

We want to see a new High Efficiency Low Emissions Coal Fired Power Station built in the Hunter Region.

The Hunter is a perfect place to build a new power plant, with locations near Muswellbrook easily able to accommodate a new power station that would not only bring jobs to the area but the entire state.

We have the ability to produce cheap and reliable energy right on our doorstep, and providing jobs for an entire generation.

If you support jobs and a secure energy future for NSW please sign this petition.

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